opificio dei sogni is a breath of fresh air

A unique manufacturing workshop, where the skills acquired in three generations of household linen production have engaged in the recovery of the products of the past, updating them with a meticulous and passionate style look. All the production of these precious garments is made in Italy through a very accurate production process worthy of bringing the name of the tailoring laboratory.

Style is essential for Dreamhouse, every head is made with a mood coming from childhood memories, coup de foudre of family travel, moments of reflection, sudden passions ... many emotions that are transformed in a cushion, in a particular ruffle, in a time of the past or in the combination of several laces.

The colors are also an integral part of the careful search of dream plant and are dusty, full of charm, poetic, they are like everlasting and ever-impressive impressionist brushstrokes or brushstrokes, and they are capable, with their own delicacy, dress and enrich any environment.

Opificio dei sogni is a fabric furnishing for romantic and feminine houses, for shabby chic environments but also presents heads with strong personality, from the raw soul, destined to modern environments and post-industrial.

The opificio dei sogni's line wraps every corner of the house from the bedroom, the living room, the bathroom to the windows ... each room can be enriched with poetry and dream.

Opificio dei Sogni is a poetic reality thanks to a strong commitment and to the work of the wise Italian artisans, unique in the world! In Italy, in fact, love for beauty and style becomes a reason for life and drives a work perfect with attention to detail and quality that resists in time ...

The dream plant manufactory is happy to create beauty and to help bring true poetry into every home... and dreams, we know, "are desires of happiness"...