The charm of beautiful things of the past


Our story

A poetic reality thanks to a strong commitment and to the work of the wise Italian artisans

Natural fibers fabrics homesickness and last times laces romance's join together to new textures, to dusty and distressed colors, to high technological plots and warps but infinitely natural.
All this blends giving life to a new elegance in freedom, where the only rule is the extremely livable "good taste".
Combinations are infinite and funny, fabrics and decorations play with each other creating fresh allures and present-day images to dress a contemporary home or to have a romantic and dreamlike atmosphere.
Every single sewing, application, embroidery or decoration are a gift for your eyes and your soul, they talk about the irreplaceable all italian creativity, about his manufacturing great value of this land and about thei Designers with poetry in thei hearts...

Opificio dei Sogni collection is a breath of fresh air, it is a walk in the countryside in spring when you suddenly get the ancient scent of roses, it is a sunset over the sea with skin that has the taste of salt, it is like to hugg a big tree with deep roots and fronds towards the infinite sky, it is like when you find yourself humming a song because you are happy, it is like when you cook for your friends and share your table and your heart, it is the style of those who live with the wonder in their soul...

The beauty of calling by name

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