• the secret garden

    The mood of these collections, a space, is a secret garden poetic where delicate corollas, buds, old roses are born, small climbing leaves ... Each collection has been curated just like a corner of garden, sowing ideas with great research and dedication before seeing the first champions born and finally dedicating them a daily care until the flowering, that is to the presentation of finished garments. And it is always a great emotion to see corolla bloom embroidered as far as the eye can see, admire the delicacy of little ones flowers that peek out in the finest Sangallo, follow shoots of leaves that branch out on impalpable tulle ... And discover an ancient rose garden that is declined in prints with exclusive and impalpable watercolors of antique roses gather in dreamy bouquets or chase each other, stem after stem, petal after petal, in a corner of pure wonder. The colors are always dusty and watercolored, nuances that yes they hover on the fabric with extreme delicacy but with greatness personality, the research of this collection presents two new shades: ink and taupe, which enrich the precious palette of Opificio dei Sogni.